“Lundy’s work with Betty Carter was astonishing”.


“Bassist Curtis Lundy, formerly with Betty Carter, knows how to make the bass sign without betraying its richest texture. 

Reviewed by Kevin LynchMILWAUKEE JOURNAL

“In the modem era, bass players such as Oscar Pettiford, Charles Mingus, Ray Brown, George Mraz and Christian McBride have put together vibrant, involved recordings, blending jazz’s essential rhythmic drive with a winning melodic and compositional exuberance. Curtis Lundy demonstrates here, in his first album in 11 years, that he’s another fat-noted fellow who can deliver the goods”.

Reviewed by Zan StewartDOWNBEAT

“Curtis Lundy’s bass playing was definitely one of the highlights of the festival”

Reviewed by Staff Writer- ( Bryne Jazz Festival/Switzerland) – CODA MAGAZINE

”The first thing I noticed while listening to this CD (Against All Odds) is how great the bass sounds!” “Since this is a session led by a bassist this is a very good thing”. “The fact that the bass is in the hands of Curtis Lundy is all the better”.

Reviewed by Bud Callahan – JAZZ IMPROV

The CD booklet bespeaks the mood of bassist Curtis Lundy’s quintet CD: broody photos of the dapper Lundy; liner notes from Michael Cuscuna; and the title: Purpose. “This is music of serious intent, rooted in the modern jazz tradition, purposive”. Cuscuna speaks of Lundy as a young man so intense and serious that he laugh[s] with a straight face.” Purpose is a strong and musical CD that you can’t help but enjoy with a straight face.

Reviewed by Raymond J. Arsenault – THE JOURNAL PIONEER